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Geomangetic is honored to present the second full-length album from Life Extension titled Skyline. These are nine powerful and tightly produced psychedelic full-on massive party smashers, primed to be blasted throughout the galaxy and worldwide. This very special French Psy project has been releasing hits since 2003 and their new sounds are finally here to amaze and entertain our ears and feet. The project Life Extension was born in Paris in 2002 from the meeting of two Djs well known in the Parisian scene: Dj Stenman and Dj Olive. With Skyline, Life Extension shows that they keep creating their own unique Full On style, dj's and dancers are supplied with massive bass lines and uplifting melodic ideas drenched in showers of tasty psychedelic layers creating happy moments of audio awesomeness for festivals and underground parties for years to come. Very active in the French psytrance scene since the beginning, Life Extension has performed in front of massive crowds during events such as: TBE, Osmoses, Gaia, Dayglo parties, and more. This prolific duo has released many tracks on international labels such as Mind Control (FR), Digital Oracle (Portugal), Shiva Space Technology (Germany), Utopia (Israel), Arcadia (Japan), Phantasm Rec (UK), Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Transient (UK), Morphonic (FR), Mahogany (FR), Avigmatic (FR), Dacru Rec (Bel), Escape Rec (Fr), Psychedelic Travellers (GER) and now Geomagnetic (USA). They've made collaboration songs with many artists including Talamasca on the track 'Unknown' (released on the album 'Made In Trance') and 'State of Confusion' (on the label Digital Oracle) and more such as Bamboo Forest, XSI, Bionix, Ananda Shake.?The release of their first album "Side Effects" on Avigmatic Records in 2007, brought them an international recognition with several gigs in Japan, Russia, Mexico, Portugal, Canada ,China, India, Germany, Belgium, Austria and more to come.


released January 26, 2015


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